Most affortable 6 Best gelish blue swatches

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Description Of  Most affortable 6 Best gelish blue swatches

Bestseller No. 1
Gelish Nail Surface Cleanse, 4 oz.
  • Saturate a nail wipe and wipe the surface of the natural nail or tacky gel residue.
  • Gelish is the gold standard of soak-off gel polish. The award-winning patented formula has the wear of a gel with a simple brush-on application.
  • Especially formulated to work with Gelish Top It Off. Assures a high shine finish without any tacky residue or without drying to the skin.
Bestseller No. 2
Gelish Mini Pro 45 Second LED Gel Curing Light + Gel Polish Full Basix Care Kit with Essential for Gel Polish
  • GELISH COMPLETE SET: Gelish Mini Pro 45 Second LED Curing Gel Light Lamp + Gel Polish Full Basix Care Kit
  • PROFESSIONAL CURING LIGHT: 45 LED Light Gel Polish Curing Lamp (110V)
  • BASIX Care KIT: Top It Off (15mL), Foundation (15mL), pH Bond (15mL), Nourish (15mL). Nail Cleanser and Nail Remover are also included in this bundle
  • LONG LASTING: Lasts up to 21 days with perfect shine and no chipping
  • NEW BRUSH: New brush has laser-cut domed bristles to give the smoothest application and better control when near the cuticle. Increased bristle count picks up the ideal amount of product and ensures full coverage that is streak free
SaleBestseller No. 3
Gelish Dynamic Duo Foundation Base & Top It Off Sealer Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Essential Set
  • DYNAMIC DUO ESSENTIAL SET: Dynamic Duo gel polish essential set includes Gelish Foundation base gel and Top It Off sealer gel. Dynamic Duo set is in 15mL gel polish bottles.
  • FOUNDATION: Foundation base gel creates an adhesive bond between nail and gel product
  • TOP IT OFF: Top It Off gel creates the ultimate finish with a high shine
  • SOAK-OFF GEL POLISH: Soak-off gel polish is a 3-step system and will cure in 45 seconds under an LED lamp or 2 minutes under a UV lamp. Get a long-lasting manicure that will sparkle and shine for 21 days
  • QUICK AND EASY TO APPLY: Gel polish is easier and faster to apply than traditional acrylic polish and provides a solid, healthy level of support for weak or damaged nails
SaleBestseller No. 5
Gelish Dip Basix Kit
  • Easy and fast application
  • Use in combination with Gelish dip powders for flawless nails every time
  • Creates a durable, long lasting manicure that will sparkle and shine for up to 14 days without chipping
  • No harsh odor
  • No LED or UV lamp required


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